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This page shows our projects that have been published. This page also has links or details of articles published by Cluster One.

Lucknow Zoo Project
Lucknow Zoo Project Brief: Client: Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environmental Education and Research (content providers ) Project funded by: India Canada Environment Facility ( ICEF ) Project name : Interpretation for Lucknow Prani Udyan. Design and Development : Cluster One creative solutions pvt. ltd., Pune The Signage development project was part of an overall project to provide interpretation for the Zoo environment through various media. The exhibits developed included interactive games, static displays and environmental signage. Given the history of the place, the project brief predicated the need for a vandal proof design approach. The site survey and study revealed high degree of environmental damage and material corrossion. A critical need for way finding and directional signage was also felt. The project aimed to provide environmental education and interpretation for the zoo exhibits. It was imperative to reach out to the people to disseminate information and develop interest in wild life and habitat issues. It was felt that the approach would encourage responsible behaviour and further the cause of environmental conservation. To achieve the project objectives, a family of interpretation exhibits and signage was planned. Given the limited budget available, cost optimization in material and process became an important part of the entire design and development process. The inviolability of colour and texture reproduction in zoo signage was insisted upon by the environmental research group for reasons of interpretation and educational value. The famly of signs developed for the zoo environment included, Information signs, Way finding maps and interpretation panels. The design thought layed stress on legibility and, colour and treatment that would blend with the natural surrounding wherever possible. The non-obtrusive nature of the layout and design provided centrality to the natural and wildlife surroundings. The material selected were durable, vandal proof to the extent possible, non corrosive and non staining.

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