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This page shows our projects that have been published. This page also has links or details of articles published by Cluster One.

Environmental Graphics
This Research and Development organization pioneered the idea of an Innovation center within their campus, where Engineers and Innovators could explore ideas and give them shape in the form of concept sketches, models and basic working prototypes. To encourage this informal exploration of innovative ideas, various workshops were developed for Painting, Clay modeling, Metal fabrication, CAD centers etc. The center was also given an informal interaction room to debate, discuss and forge new ideas. Cluster One was involved in the project to provide solutions for Environmental Graphics, to dress up the Center. It had to be different from the usual government office environment. Designers at Cluster One decided to provide the center with different thematic posters, celebrating ground braking innovation in various fields of Art and Science. Each workshop was given a poster themed on the respective tools and process. The Informal interaction Center got 7 feet high posters depicting various forms of art. In general the idea was to provide a large splash of colour throughout the center, and highlight pioneering works in the field of modern day science.

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